Happy Lunar New Year

Celebrating Lunar New Year is always a family affair. Our most cherished childhood memories are lighting the ceremonial fire (旺火) in Grandpa’s courtyard, setting off endless fireworks in the rural night sky, and eating too many dumplings with our entire family.

Timezones, flight prices, and life got in the way after we immigrated. Our LNY traditions dwindled to off-hour video calls with lukewarm Chinese takeout and an indelible loss of connectedness. 2024 marks the 20th year since our entire family last gathered on New Year's Eve.

Along the way, we missed many weddings, dinners, and red envelopes. We were also absent for our grandparents’ first signs of dementia, first fall, and first stroke. It pains us to see our closest family become increasingly frail. We desperately wanted to help, but didn’t even know where to begin.

We dove headfirst into senior care over the last 2.5 years, talking to every doctor, care team, and family caregiver we could find. We want our grandparents to get the care and support they need in their homes and communities, while providing peace of mind for the rest of our family. We realized that we were far from alone.

We are beyond excited to assemble an incredible team with deep expertise across healthcare, senior care, technology, logistics, and real estate to build exceptional aging experiences every family deserves. We believe the best care should be interdisciplinary, culturally tailored, and technology-enabled. Our first chapter begins with a flagship program in the heart of San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles to deliver world-class care for underserved Asian and Pacific Islander elders.

We are grateful for the support from our team, family, partners, and investors thus far, and can’t wait to share more in the coming months. It’s time for our families and communities to be cared for, celebrated, and seen.

Happy Lunar New Year and the fifth (初五)!

Xing & Yang Su
Co-founders, Seen Health